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On a murderous rampage my character has cornered yours. What does your character say in 10 words or less to try and save their skin?



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"Ah, blessed cameras." Oberon finished up a lily with a flourish of his dress. "They move so much more quickly than any artist’s brush."

"Ah but mood and impression are often things only a skilled artist can create. I bet I will capture your happiness together in a way a camera cannot," he told him, still helping Oddie to bloom flowers on the T.Rex, which had quickly turned into a creature that could be from Faerie.

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Put a “◊” in my ask for a sticky note left on your fridge in the morning by my muse.

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//holy shit

Illis just admitted that Bakulu was right about something

shoot the fireworks

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Merrick, I heard you were having a hard time... I brought you something.



*blinks* You did? Thank you.

*nods* Hopefully it won’t take too long before you get more decent answers.

I think some of it has to do with…how ready I am for the truth. I am beginning to see what—- and gods forgive me for saying this— Bakulu was right about. I need to let things go and just open my eyes. The answers won’t come to me unless I let them.

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Helena… I came to check on you. I need to leave soon, so…


Is that what knights are for? *She smiles back at her* Rescuing beautiful maidens from monsters?~   

*Ilona tries not blush. She scarcely compared to anything as innocent as a ‘maiden.’* It sure is. Even if the maiden is a bit of a monster herself. Referring to me of course. Not you.

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AD 100-300
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AD 100-300


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