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Adolphe Weisz


Adolphe Weisz

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Bork Vikingehavn, Denmark by Berthold Steinhilber


Bork Vikingehavn, Denmark by Berthold Steinhilber

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"Atlas and I got married in Rome last week."

"Congratulations, Cheryl!!"


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untitled by Luminous☆West on Flickr.
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"He who loves the world as his body may be entrusted with the empire."
—  Lao Tzu (via purplebuddhaproject)
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Haha…hahaha…HAHAHHAAH! (OPEN)


Pfft, Heaven is easy to get into. It’s harder to get out without being torn to bits or incinerated by that holy light.

*thinks about this* See, the problem there is that this isn’t a magic portal gun. It works on electricity so until I have found out how to convert your energy to electricity, I doubt it’d be much help.

*She scratches her head.* I’m sure there has to be a way. Maybe a spell or a magic. Maybe even good, old science. Illis-powered electricity seems like a possibility if I could be used to power a zombie apocalypse. I’ll believe anything now.

Are we… are we actually cooperating to plot something beneficial? *blinks* Never thought I’d see this day. I mean, we made a good team last time. But I kind of had to have my arm twisted to be involved. Look at us. All growed up.

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"My grandfather…why?" Sam looked a little curious. "do you..know him, perhaps?"

"No, it just feels like something a guardian should explain to you…" she bit her lip and sat in his hand. 

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Awkward Meeting (closed with Obbie)


He grinned and lifted his chin, a glimmer of pride showing in his speech. “She is perfect, or almost perfect, in every way. Her heart beats and the sun rises. There is no way for me to describe my child without painting her in the fairest light possible.”

"Is that all?" she quipped, obviously joking. "You might damage the poor girl’s self-esteem with lackluster praise like that."

She expected nothing less of the fairy king, though. A small part of her, the childhood book-nerd, was glad to see that Oberon was exactly as she had hoped he would be. 

"I’m sure she won’t be lacking in confidence, really. With parents like you and Illis. Every child should have folks like you."

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