The Wedding (May 1st) [Oberon/Illis]

Illis appeared in female form, donned in the gown. The veil covered the bride’s face. There was no train to the gown. That would suggest a past that clung to her on a day which she meant to move into the present and into a future with Oddie and Oberon. She knew it was all ceremonious yet as she reached the altar, she gulped.

Almost two thousand years old and nervous at the altar. Illy took the steps to stand before the man she loved. Even through the thin veil, seeing him warmed her heart. She could feel it grow when she looked at him. Sad memories were being replaced today.

Illis had found Oberon when he was a child, centuries ago. He had wandered into Faerie by mistake and there met with a beautiful, sad-eyed boy fairy. He knew something was amiss in the child’s life. He could sense the danger and the fear in the child’s presence. He had recoiled from a touch. He had run, disappeared into the forests, and Illis had lost him. Centuries later, he laid eyes on him as an adult, and then the revelation had not struck him that King Oberon had been that child. The epiphany came after losing him yet again. This time to death.

Never again. Illis would not lose him again.

Bouquet in hand, Illy met his eyes when he lifted the veil from her face. For a moment she saw the child again and instead of weeping…

Illis smiled.

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